Financial Information


Global Impact Bible College & Seminary has the philosophy that receiving a  quality spiritual education, and training of an individual for service to the Lord Jesus Christ, should not leave that individual with an oppressive financial debt.

Therefore, we have not sought the more expensive regional accreditation that leads to qualification for government-guaranteed student loans and other government programs.  Institutions using such loans generally charge the maximum tuition allowable, leaving the student with sizeable debt at the completion of their education.  For those called to the ministry, it can be very difficult to obey God’s calling with this type of debt lingering over their finances.

Therefore, Global Impact Bible College & Seminary under the auspices of Transworld Accrediting Commission International has elected a less expensive and independent accreditation. The policy of Global Impact Bible College & Seminary is to provide the most affordable, quality, spiritual education that we can, as a ministry to the Lord and to His servants.


The policy of the University is to provide flexibility to students regarding payment.  The most desirable is full tuition payment at the time of registration. To be eligible to register for classs, a student must have completed the application process.  Pre-registration is highly recommended one (1) week prior to each new course. An advantage of the programs provided by Global Impact Bible College & Seminary, is the flexibility of schedule.  Students can finish their programs of study, or achieve their educational goals over a period of time convenient to them.  Their own personal preferences, work schedules, and their own finances determine the speed at which they progress.


Pre-Enrollment Charges: Application Fee (New Students) $50.00

Tuition Per Course: $150.00 per course (Grants may apply. Please see application link below).

Student Technology Fee:  $12.00 per course.

Book Charges: Generally range in price from $25.00 - $40.00 per course.


Special Fees:

Ministerial Life Experience Application Fee                                                                 $50.00 

Transcript Fee (each)                                                                                    $5.00          

Tuition for the course is payable on registration day, prior to beginning any course.  



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